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Some Common Rumors about Ostomy

Right after getting stoma, you will hear some useful tips, some experiences, and some myths. Well, you can join online groups, forums, and read articles for ostomy care and new normal life. Well, to live a happy ostomy life, you have to debunk the rumors and grab some real knowledge about stoma care and ostomy life.

Thus, the following are a few rumors you can hear or read about the stoma and ostomy life:

You cannot change the Pouching System

Well, many ostomates think that they cannot change their pouching system after getting a discharge slip from the hospital. They can only use the size of the appliance, they were using in the hospital room under the supervision of nurses and doctors. Well, this is a myth, you can change the ostomy appliances according to the size of the stoma opening. Your stoma bag should be fit to the hole. With time, stoma changes its sizes with the change in the weight and body. Therefore, you can change your pouching system according to the new size. I always recommend hollister ostOmy supplies as reliable option for quality ostomy appliances.

All Ostomy Pouching System are Same

Many ostomates think that all pouching system’s type and products are the same. Well, you are wrong if think the same way. Every product’s kind is different from another in some manners, for example, one-piece ostomy pouching system and two-piece ostomy pouching system. Both have the same purpose but the method of application is different.

The Size of Stoma will Never Fluctuate

Another myth regarding stoma is the fixed size of the opening. Ostomates used to believe that the size of the stoma will never increase or decrease. But, it changes its shape and measurement according to health, weight, and body change.

Stoma Always Irritates You

Well, a healthy stoma does not irritate you. Moreover, it does not get swell or bleed. If you are experiencing any difficulty like that, then you should go to your surgeon. This is not a new normal life. The opening should be healthy and clean. Well, a healthy stoma does not get swell, irritates, or bleed.

Your Family will not Love you Now

After the ostomy operation, it is normal to have pressure and suffer from anxiety. It brings a few changes in your routine and life. But, it does not mean you cannot live your old lifestyle or no one loves you now. You and your life will be the same. Therefore, the love of your family and loved ones will not change for you.

You cannot Work, Travel, or Swim

Well, ostomates used to believe that their entire lifestyle will change. They cannot perform their dream or previous tasks. But, once the internal organs and stoma heal and stoma are healthy, you can do whatever you like or used to do in your previous days. It does not stop you from getting married, sex, playing, sports, swimming, gym, or getting back to your profession.

You have to Live with the Odor

No, this is not true about ostomates or new life. The odor is not a part of ostomy. It indicates you unhealthy stoma, leakage of ostomy pouch, unhygienic peristomal, or bad diet. You should not eat foods that cause odor or gas. Otherwise, everything is perfect for your ostomy life and stoma health.

I cannot Shower or Enjoy Water Activities

After getting the stoma, you will have to wear an ostomy pouch all the time. It should be dry, you cannot wet the opening. It does not mean you cannot shower, swim, or enjoy water activities. You will have to wear a waterproof ostomy pouching system and you ready to enjoy your marine hobbies. You can swim, shower, raft, whatever you want with the waterproof tools. Moreover, you should wear an ostomy belt before going into the pool. It will protect your stoma bag from leakage.