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Urostomy – Life of a Urostomy Patient – How to Deal with It?

What is Urostomy?

Urostomy is a surgery performed when a patient’s bladder does not work or removed due to any disease or dysfunction. Thus, surgeons create an artificial hole in the abdomen of the patient for the discharging of urine. After this operation, an ostomate is unable to release the liquid waste through the natural track. So, patients after urostomy excrete the urine through the opening, called a stoma.

Reasons for Urostomy

Well, there is no one reason for the urostomy surgery. It includes several diseases and defects in the bladder, kidney, and ileal conduit. However, a few common causes are:

  • Bladder cancer.
  • Infection in the bladder.
  • Spinal cord injury.
  • Chronic disease in the bladder or kidneys.
  • Birth defect in spinal cord such as spina bifida.
  • Due to the side effects of radical treatment.

Well, there could be any other disease that can drive a person to urostomy. Sometimes, when a patient diagnosed with bladder cancer, it gets removed or unable to work, then doctors have to create an opening for the urine purpose. Moreover, if a person has a tumor in the urinary tract, then he/she needs this surgery. Sometimes, an infant born with some defects in the spinal cord or bladder; thus, a child needs urostomy right after birth.

Life with The Urostomy

A hole in the abdomen and an unnatural path of discharging urine bring a few changes in your life. Definitely, the first one is a physical change. But, apart from the track of peeping, there is a huge phycological impact on the patient’s mind. An ostomate’s entire life gets disturbed for a few months.You can live your previous life once the stoma and internal organs heal.

An ostomate thinks that the new life will not give him the comfort of his previous life. Well, this is not true, an ostomy patient can enjoy dreams and life. But, he/she has to wait for a few months. In the initial weeks, an ostomate depends on nurses or family members. This changes when the patient learns about stoma appliances and self-care. The first biggest unique thing is the way of excreting urine. It brings lots of changes to a person’s attitude. But, this does not stop your life.

 Urostomy patients can live the previous life. They can do whatever they like or used to do in the past. Moreover, it does not stop you from working, playing, swimming, gym, sports, partying, traveling, shopping, and even sex.

Dealing with the Urostomy Life and Appliances

Urostomy creates a 2 inches hole in the right side of the abdomen. Usually, it is a round-shaped opening. However, sometimes it is of 2.5 to 3 inches pit down towards the navel.

When a person goes through the urostomy surgery, he has to learn a lot about the appliances, its uses, purpose, and drainage system. Well, the necessary thing is to wear a stoma bag and empty it.

After all, when a urostomy patient gets discharged from the hospital, he/she has to do all his tasks on his own. Therefore, a patient should know when to empty and change the pouch.

Well, it is not as difficult as you heard. You can deal with the new life and appliances effortlessly if you know the right ways. The surgery comes in two forms: permanent urostomy and temporary urostomy. For permanent ostomates, it is necessary to learn about the tools and their uses.

Usually, urostomy patients wear a drainable pouching system. As they discharge urine frequently; thus, it is easy to empty and clean the stoma bag. Moreover, they should change the appliance two times per day. Well, I suggest they should use a one-piece ostomy pouching system. It will give them relief in wearing it. However, an ostomate can select appliances according to their convenience.