Well, ostomates can live their previous and active life after the colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. It does not change your lifestyle, but you have to embrace a new normal life. It involves a specific diet, care of stoma, wearing and changing ostomy appliances, learn about the pouching system, and self-care. When you adopt and learn these tools, you can live an active life and get back to your work.

An ostomy does not limit your work or the way you enjoyed your life. It only brings a few new things, appliances, and care routines in your lifestyle. It all depends on the mental ability and the power of embracing a new normal for ostomy patients. Sometimes, the stoma is temporary, therefore, ostomates do not pay much attention to the learning of changing, emptying, and cleaning the tools. However, it is a necessary topic and chapter for the permanent ostomates. A patient should know all about stoma, its care, and life with the opening. Well, you must know that the purpose of surgical opening in the belly wall is an unnatural way of discharging waste of the body. Thus, it brings a few mental pressures and changes towards attitude. But, it does not mean that a person’s life is going to finish now. Or, he/she is not a normal human being anymore.

Recovery Time of Ostomy Patients

Well, the recovery duration depends on the type of stoma and the seriousness of the disease. Moreover, it involves your age, stamina, and resilience. Apart from it, it depends on the type of stoma (permanent or temporary). However, normally it takes two to three weeks. But, an individual can take one to months for a full recovery. Well, your team of doctors and nurses can guide you appropriately regarding your quick or late recovery time.

Risks Involve in Ostomy Operation

Well, ostomy surgery performs as a result of any disease, tumor, injury, or malfunction of the bladder, spinal cord, large intestine, small intestine, colon, or ileum. It has happened to eradicate the actual disease, but it might bring some risks to it.

Sometimes, it increases the risk of hernia after ostomy surgery. It can damage your abdominal skin. If you do not care about the cleanliness of stoma, it can bleed, swell, and damage the peristomal. Moreover, carelessness or dirty skin and stoma can give you some worst effects. Therefore, clean and wash the stoma and peristomal skin. It should not bleed, get red, or swell. If you feel any of the mentioned symptoms, you should immediately consult your doctor. Always wear a tight or fit to stoma pouch. It should not leak or the waste should not touch your skin. The more side effects could be in the result of wound or pus in the stoma.

When can you Return to Work?

Well, before joining your office, you should take the permission of your doctor. You should not decide the returning to office time on your own. Once your stoma gets to heal, and you learn the pouching system, you can go back to the work.

You should discuss your roles and duties with your doctors. He will decide when you can join your office after examining your health condition, stoma healing, your diet plan, your knowledge about stoma care and the use of ostomy appliances, and the need for physical exertion in your work.

Well, when you return to your job, you cannot ignore your stoma and new life. You should eat and drink frequently in the office. Your stomach you should not be empty. Your peristomal skin and stoma should not get dehydrated. Therefore, drink water as much as you can. You should know when to change and how to empty the ostomy pouching system.